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We can assist in your content creation from pre to post production.

Enquire for custom projects or book online for the following ‘off the rack’ services:


Podcast Studio North Sydney

audio recording

For your podcast, audiobook or voiceover, our in-house producer will accurately record your audio session.

Recording only; editing and further stings, music and other production value are available for an extra cost.

$129 per hour

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When you can’t be on location, film on our green screen. We use a top end camera to ensure a clean key and an audio professional to record sound.

Recording only; editing, alpha channelling, audio sync and motion graphics are available for an extra cost.

$160 for 1 hour, $425 for 4 hours



Have some fun making GIFs for an hour at our studio. Recorded on top end camera, motion graphics added in post production.

$129 per hour recording session

+ $69 per GIF


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