Back in Time

A big episode on watches! Another service for jewellers to offer is watch sales and service. We talk to 2 watchmakers to establish the basics or back up what you already offer. It's a long one so you may need a few sittings! Thanks to Neil Pola and Roger Brinkman for sharing their expertise.

Linsey Houston
Insta Audience

Laura Phillis from Tatum Gems has built a decent following intuitively, and Tom Ragg is the social media expert. We compare notes on using Instagram and the importance of content.

Tom also hosts We Are The Watchers, a weekly podcast about what to watch on tv, iPad and cinema.

Linsey Houston
Attaching Value

How do we value items? This month we hear from Karen Lindley from Diamonds by Design and Karen Deakin from Karen Deakin Antiques for a beginner lesson in value and jewellery history. I say beginner as there is a lot more to find out from them!

Lia Crowley
Episode 015 - Like and Share

We had a chance to talk to Ewan Ryley and Brett Low from Young Jewellers Group at the IJF about staying in touch and creating some industry fun. Find out about or contact YJG though the website

Linsey Houston
Episode 008 - Masters and Mentors

Andrew Pitcairn is a Master Goldsmith, sharing with us 43 years of knowledge and observation.

Andrew and Neil Pola join us this episode, talking about masters and mentors.

Linsey Houston
Episode 007 - 2017 Revieweller

We review 2017 and how the trade is changing including crypto-gems, automated lasers and Paris Hilton.

Joined by seasoned jeweller David Hollanders of Wild Trout Jewellery and our resident jeweller Neil Pola.

Linsey Houston
Episode 006 - Diagnosis Gemstone

Laura Brehaut and Katherine Kovacs from the Melbourne branch of the Gemmological Association of Australia give a detailed starter lesson on gemmology and their work at the GAA. 

Find out about the GAA courses and activities in the industry at

Linsey Houston
Episode 005 - Pressure of the New

This month we talk to Robyn Wernicke of Small Space Jewellery and Kirra-Lea Caynes of Kirra Lea Jewellery to understand creativity and processes in contemporary jewellery.

Linsey Houston
Episode 004 - Make Your Mark

We talk to Tim Peel, President of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and former keeper of the punches and hallmarking encyclopaedia, Kevin Hitchins about best practice of marking jewellery in Australia.

More information at

Linsey Houston
Episode 002 - On the Road; The Gemfields, QLD

We travel to the Gemfest in Anakie to see what's going on.  Meeting up with Neil Pola again and Dan Cox of Dap Jewellery School for a chat.

Once we get out and travel around the Gemfields, we meet some amazing people including Esther of Bradfords Place, Jenny of Coolamon Mining and the very fabulous Peter Brown of Rubyvale Gem Gallery.  

Listen to their vast knowledge of Australian Sapphires, you are sure to learn something new.

Linsey Houston